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A research project at The University of Queensland’s School of Languages and Cultures

about this project


This project is part of a PhD program at The University of Queensland's School of Languages and Cultures.

our aim

We want to better understand what families think about their languages and how they manage them in their everyday life.

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We are conducting a 15-min online survey with parents who are native speakers of Languages Other Than English.

Do you and your partner speak different native languages?

Help us push the boundaries of knowledge by sharing your family’s language experiences. We are looking for parents who have one native language and who: 

have lived in Australia for at least 6 months

are native speakers of a Language Other Than English

have a partner who speaks a different native language 

have at least one child aged less than 18 years old

As a Thank-You for your time, you will receive a free 10-page PDF with printables & activities for children. 

project background

multicultural australia

The overseas-born population in Australia is getting not only larger, but also much more linguistically diverse.

Since the dismantling of the White Australia Policy, which privileged English-speaking and European immigrants, broader immigration policies were introduced. This resulted in large numbers of people moving to Australia from all parts of the world, which in turn translated into a significantly higher number of languages currently spoken in Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2019).

Although families of mixed-language background can be expected to be increasingly common in Australia and around the world, not much is known about their everyday language experiences.

help us change this

The figure above shows the percentage of children under the age of 15 living with both parents, by parents’ country of birth (Australia and overseas), as of 2016.

fill in the survey & receive a free pdf with printables for children

select one option below

My partner's and my native languages are:

English +
language other than english

For example, English and Spanish.

Language other than english x + language other than english Y

For example, German and Arabic.

The research team

Supervisors: Dr Anna Mikhaylova, Dr Min Jung Jee, Prof Roland Sussex

PhD Candidate: Agnieszka Faron

School of Languages and Cultures at The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

australia's diverse population in numbers


of the Australian population were born overseas


different languages were spoken in Australian homes


of Australians spoke a Language Other Than English at home 

Two sisters reading a book

research project approval

This PhD project has been approved by The University of Queensland’s Office of Research Ethics (Approval # 2020000484).

The participation in this study is completely voluntary. Parents are free to withdraw at any time. To receive the Participant Information Sheet, or to ask any questions you might have about your participation, please contact the PhD Candidate, Agnieszka (Agnes) Faron, at


Please send your enquiry to the Project Contact person and PhD Candidate, Agnieszka (Agnes) Faron, at